Episode 7: Tinuke Bernard

Hello lovely faces! Welcome back to another episode of The Regular Parent Podcast!

In this episode I chat with the wonderful Tinuke Bernard, who is a UK based blogger, writer, influencer and mum of two.

Tinuke is a proper ‘old school’ blogger – one of the originals who has been blogging for over 10 years! Her original blog Circus Mums focussed on her journey through parenthood, but her new platform Tinuke Bernard, discusses a wide range of subjects and is host of her new brilliant podcast ‘Beyond the Grid’ gives listeners a more rounded picture of some of Tinuke’s favourite Influencers! Many of which, are also featured in the UK Black Influencer Directory.

Tinuke is a delight to chat to, I took so much from our conversation as we talked all things blogging, parenting and her thoughts and feelings on BLM.

If you’d like to know more about Tinuke, you can follow her on instagram here.

Episode 6: Zafar Jamati

Hello lovely faces! Welcome back to The Regular Parent Podcast!

In this episode I chat with dad of one, Zafar Jamati who shares his story of every day life with his wife and baby boy.

I’ve known Zafar (Zaf) for many years now – and was delighted he agreed to come and chat with me, to share a glimpse into his life as a dad with others.

We talk all about the emotions and worries of becoming a parent for the first time, juggling parenting and work (especially through lockdown with a toddler) and we talk religion, culture, and racism.

We also chat all things photography (Zaf is a keen photographer and takes some pretty incredible pics!) He shares his easy-peasy photography tips with us so we can get great shots of the little ones using only a phone camera!

Episode 6 – Zafar Jamati

10 minute tips: Getting Kids to Help With Chores

Hello lovely faces! These brand new 10 minute tips episodes, will be out every Wednesday, alongside the lovely family chat episodes every Friday!

In this ‘10 minute tips’ episode of The Regular Parent podcast, I’m sharing simple solutions for getting kids to help with the everyday chores around the house and garden!

Sometimes people comment that my kitchen is always so tidy even though I have kids! Shall I tell you a little secret? THEY help me keep it tidy! Yup. True story!

Today my little boy (9) came into the kitchen and dried up the dishes on the side and put them away with no words from me.

Yesterday my daughter (10) helped me hang the washing. Not for reward or gain but because I’ve taught them from a really young age, that the housework is everyone’s job. 

We all live here so we all look after our home. And yes – sometimes upstairs is a total sh** tip (I’m human after all) and there are laundry baskets with clothes to put away – it’s not immaculate everywhere all the time, it’s a lived-in house, but downstairs is always pretty sorted and the house is pretty straight most of the time. 

Honestly – by including children in chores from a young age you’re not just lightening the load for yourself – you’re really helping them! Kids who do chores learn responsibility and gain important life skills that will serve them well throughout their lives.

Want to know how to achieve this without moans or groans or stress? Listen to this ‘10 minute tips’ episode for my super simple tips to make life a little easier. 

10 minute tips: Getting Children to Help With Chores

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Episode 5: Jameliah Young

In this episode of The Regular Parent Podcast, I chat with bestselling Author, Pastor, and mother, Jameliah Young. We talk Marvel, weather, the global pandemic, Universal Studios and discuss her latest book ‘Death of The Angry Black Woman’ which many are calling ‘life changing.’

Jameliah was pure joy to chat to. I took so much from our conversation – Jameliah’s passion for life and helping others, shone through the video screen. Her attitude to life is contagious. I came away from our video-call feeling enlightened and full of positivity – I can see why I many listen to her speak, watch her Facebook videos and love her book.

‘The Death of the Angry Black Woman’ – Jameliah Young

Charlotte, NC, June 16, 2020 – Everybody is angry. Whether black, white, or brown, woman or man, everybody is angry right now. And we have a lot to be angry about: George Floyd. Lives lost. Joblessness. Global pandemic. Rioting and looting. But just because we are angry that does not give us the right to retaliate in an unhealthy, violent, or dangerous manner. So how do we deal with anger? 

Jameliah Young (formerly Young-Mitchell) has a solution to help individuals dig deep to confront and release their anger – for good. This popular, vivacious pastor and social media celebrity (with nearly 500,000 Facebook followers and counting), tackles anger, abuse, and so much more in her book, The Death of the Angry Black Woman (Warren Publishing). This best-selling book was rated #1 New Release on Amazon.com in the category of Anger Management. 

Acknowledging the stereotypes women in the black community face, Jameliah knows first-hand that what begins as anger or name-calling can quickly escalate, causing scars that last a lifetime. Her book reflects her passion to help women toss anger to the curb and chuck false labels. Because while we can’t change history, we can determine our futures. 

The Death of the Angry Black Woman is available at  warrenpublishing.netAmazon.com for $15.00

Episode 5 Jameliah Young

The Regular Parent: Brand New Series with Kate from ‘Lesbemums’

Hello lovely faces! Hoorah! The Regular Parent Podcast is back!

What better way to start this brand new series, than a chat with the wonderful Kate from same-sex award winning blog, ‘Lesbemums’ which documents life as a two-mum family. Kate and wife Sharon, live in Brighton and are parents to four year old ‘T’.

In this episode of The Regular parent Podcast, Kate and I chat about pretty much everything! We talk about parenting styles, the journey to parenthood as a lesbian couple, blogging, BLM, LGBT+ and the importance of inclusivity, and Kate shares thoughts and ideas of how we can all make a difference to the world our children live in.

I loved this conversation and learned so much! Kate’s passion for doing what’s right, how vocal they are on social media, and how unafraid they are to call people and companies out when they get things so very wrong, is truly inspiring and has already made me do more in supporting and raising awareness of important issues.

I think we can all learn from Kate’s passion and determination to make our planet a more accepting, welcoming and kinder place to live.

It all starts at home – and I truly believe as parents, we have a responsibility to keep these conversations going at home, so that the future generation have a greater understanding, acceptance and celebrate, rather than discriminate, the differences around us.

If you’d like to learn more about Kate you can follow their blog over at Lesbemums

If you’d like to know more about LBGT+ and BLM topics – follow the highlighted links to read more.

Kate from ‘lesbemums’