Thinky-Thoughts Activities

Welcome welcome! How are you diddly doing?

You may have landed here because you like my Thinky-Thought journals and wanted some cool activities to do. Or perhaps a grown-up pointed you in this direction to help you?

Whichever way you came here – WELCOME!

These pages are free to download and do. If you like any of the activites – tell your mates! A happy brain is so important, so if any of these activities help you to feel better when you’re feeling a bit ‘urgh’ then share away!

Scroll through the activities below and save and print the ones you like. I’ll add more and more so keep checking back here for updates.

Here’s to happiness, positivity and less stressy brains!

My goals Activity
Happy Jar Activity
One Rubbish, Three Awesomes

Hey there! A little polite note to parents, teachers or visitors: These pages are free to download and share, or use in the classroom or at home, but please do not reproduce or publish publicly, without consent and credit.

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