One Rubbish, Three Awesomes!

‘Sometimes we don’t feel like talking about how we feel, and that’s OK.

You do need to get those feelings and ‘Thinky-Thoughts’ out though, to keep your brain happy.

One thing that really helps, is to write the things that are worrying or upsetting you down on paper.’

Fi Star-stone

My Thinky-Thoughts journals have been helping kids around the world to get their thoughts, fears (and also the happy times,) down on paper.

I’m sharing one of the journal pages here to make them accessible for all! I’ve also added another version, so choose whichever you like! Simply download and print whenever you feel like writing.

Share ‘One rubbish and Three Awesomes’ of your day.

It’s a fun ‘happy mind’ technique I’ve used for years that helps you acknowledge the rubbish stuff, but to appreciate and really notice the awesomes that happen daily, that unless you think back on them – you forget they happen!

Always start with the rubbish of your day, and end with a happy! That way – the happy sticks in your mind. It can be anything rubbish such as ‘We had double Maths and I struggled’ or ‘I forgot my PE kit and got in trouble’ to the better parts of your day ‘Pizza for tea!’ They don’t have to be big dramatic events – just YOUR day and feelings.

One Rubbish, Three Awesomes

Remember! Talking to others in your life about how you are feeling is the best way to feel better. You never need to feel lost or alone in how you feel. If you don’t feel like talking, then write down your thoughts and feelings to share on paper, in a journal or notebook.

My Thinky-thoughts journal is available on amazon and all good books stores. It’s full of activities and ideas like this one and undated so can be picked up, and started at anytime. There are also more activities to try here.