The Regular Parent: Brand New Series with Kate from ‘Lesbemums’

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Hello lovely faces! Hoorah! The Regular Parent Podcast is back!

What better way to start this brand new series, than a chat with the wonderful Kate from same-sex award winning blog, ‘Lesbemums’ which documents life as a two-mum family. Kate and wife Sharon, live in Brighton and are parents to four year old ‘T’.

In this episode of The Regular parent Podcast, Kate and I chat about pretty much everything! We talk about parenting styles, the journey to parenthood as a lesbian couple, blogging, BLM, LGBT+ and the importance of inclusivity, and Kate shares thoughts and ideas of how we can all make a difference to the world our children live in.

I loved this conversation and learned so much! Kate’s passion for doing what’s right, how vocal they are on social media, and how unafraid they are to call people and companies out when they get things so very wrong, is truly inspiring and has already made me do more in supporting and raising awareness of important issues.

I think we can all learn from Kate’s passion and determination to make our planet a more accepting, welcoming and kinder place to live.

It all starts at home – and I truly believe as parents, we have a responsibility to keep these conversations going at home, so that the future generation have a greater understanding, acceptance and celebrate, rather than discriminate, the differences around us.

If you’d like to learn more about Kate you can follow their blog over at Lesbemums

If you’d like to know more about LBGT+ and BLM topics – follow the highlighted links to read more.

Kate from ‘lesbemums’

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