Episode 6: Zafar Jamati

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Hello lovely faces! Welcome back to The Regular Parent Podcast!

In this episode I chat with dad of one, Zafar Jamati who shares his story of every day life with his wife and baby boy.

I’ve known Zafar (Zaf) for many years now – and was delighted he agreed to come and chat with me, to share a glimpse into his life as a dad with others.

We talk all about the emotions and worries of becoming a parent for the first time, juggling parenting and work (especially through lockdown with a toddler) and we talk religion, culture, and racism.

We also chat all things photography (Zaf is a keen photographer and takes some pretty incredible pics!) He shares his easy-peasy photography tips with us so we can get great shots of the little ones using only a phone camera!

Episode 6 – Zafar Jamati

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