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Hello lovely faces!

As a mum of two little ones born less than a year apart, I know that parenting isn’t always easy. My gentle techniques and approachable manner are popular with families and celebrities worldwide.

I’m a qualified parenting advisor with over 25 years working with children and families. (My long list of rather snazzy qualifications include a Degree in Childhood and Youth studies, an NNEB in Nursery nursing, and a Diploma in Childhood studies.) I write for parenting sites and magazines, and my bestselling books have been helping families around the world.

I’m also just a regular parent like you!

The Regular Parent Podcast

I was overwhelmed by the amount of messages and emails I had received over the years from worried parents who felt their lives were not ‘normal.’

So many feel they are ‘not good enough’ when scrolling through ‘instagram perfect’ squares, so I decided to start this little project to show them (and you,) that every family is different, every child is different, and every parent is different, but actually – we are the same in one way – we love our kids and want what’s best for them!

These episodes hopefully reassure and show the listener, that other parents, are just regualr parents’ like you and like me, that your life is ‘your kind of normal,’  and you shouldn’t compare it to others. I’m delighted that so many lovely parents have wanted to be involved and I can’t wait to share with you these wonderful series of podcasts with you.

So grab yourself a cuppa (or a glass of something nice,) curl up on the sofa or head off for out for a walk and listen to our lovely, regular families share their daily lives, thoughts and views with you.

From single parents holding down full time jobs and juggling it all, to parents who have little ones with disabilities – ‘The Regular Parent’ aims to bringing all parents together in this new series looking at the lives of regular parents, like you, from all around the world.

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