Goal setting Activity

Setting goals is important because it establishes a sense of purpose for our everyday actions. 

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Setting goals is pretty fun, but really think about the goals you set for yourself and make them realistic and achievable. For example, ‘going to the Moon’ or ‘playing football for England’ are all pretty epic goals to set long-term, but think about the near-future (the coming weeks and months.) What would you like to achieve? 

Maybe you’d like to remember to submit your homework on time, be a good friend to others, get up earlier, or go to bed on time (sounds super-boring I know – but all these things can really help you have better mental health and wellbeing!)

Realistic, meaningful goals have lots of other benefits too. They help with decision making, improve self-confidence, independence, self-belief, positivity and teach perseverance too!

Using the ‘download here’ button, print out the activity sheet below, and write THREE goals for yourself for the next month. Share those with your family and friends and keep checking back on your list to see how you’re doing. 

Goal setting

After the month has passed – reflect on your efforts. Did you manage to make any changes? If not, what stopped you from achieving those goals?

Perhaps you totally smashed your goals and added even more? How did achieving those goals make you feel? Do you want to set new goals for next month or keep achieving the ones you already set?

Remember we all have days where we don’t feel quite ourselves, and we don’t achieve quite as much as we wanted to. Talking to others in your life about how you are feeling is the best way to feel better. You never need to feel lost or alone in how you feel. If you don’t feel like talking, then write down your thoughts and feelings to share on paper, in a journal or notebook.

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