Episode Thirteen: Laura-Rose Thorogood

Co-founder of The LGBT Mummies Tribe, Laura-Rose Thorogood and her wife, always knew they wanted children, but there were so many questions! ‘What are our options? Do we want to carry a child? Who carries? How? How much does it cost? Where can we do it? How do we choose a donor?’ Finding the answersContinue reading “Episode Thirteen: Laura-Rose Thorogood”

10 minute tips: Fussy Eating

While I dislike the term ‘fussy eater’ it’s a hugely common issue that takes up around 40% of the parenting emails sent to me each week. Having worked with children and families for over 27 years, I have come to realise that fussy eating is something that many, if not all children, go through during childhood. WhenContinue reading “10 minute tips: Fussy Eating”

Episode Twelve: Sarah Hayward

Whatever the reasonings for being a single parent, it can be quite overwhelming at times. Raising a family as a solo parent is an incredibly rewarding job – but one that’s often challenging and emotionally draining too. In this Episode I chat with Sarah, a single parent to her little girl who shares with us aContinue reading “Episode Twelve: Sarah Hayward”

Episode 11: Mark from ‘Now That’s Just Gay!’

If you want to know all about surrogacy – this episode is a must listen. Mark is incredibly open, honest and offers a true insight into all the decision making and planning that goes into choosing a surrogate. In this episode I chat to Mark who blogs and vlogs his adventures over at as aContinue reading “Episode 11: Mark from ‘Now That’s Just Gay!’”

10 minute tips: Back To School Preparation and Thoughts

For many kids – it’ll be SIX MONTHS since they last stepped inside school, so it’s going to be a little strange and worrying for many. In this episode of The Regular Parent, I share my back to school tips for parents, along with the thoughts and feelings of other parents on returning to schoolContinue reading “10 minute tips: Back To School Preparation and Thoughts”