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Parenting tips | baby sleep advice | potty training

As a mum to two little ones born less than a year apart Fi knows that parenting isn’t always easy. Fi’s parenting tips and approachable manner, are popular with families and celebrities worldwide.

Working with children and families for over 27 years, Fi’s qualifications include a Degree in Childhood and Youth studies, an NNEB in Nursery nursing, and a Diploma in Childhood studies. This means can be rest assured that all the parenting tips and support you receive is from a trusted, qualified source.

In 2005 and 2006 Fi was ‘highly commended’ by The Professional Association of Nursery Nurses for her work with children in her role as a professional Nanny. Now Fi supports and educates other nannies and childcarers to be the best they can be, by sharing her knowledge and experiences feely through emails, phone-calls and as a regular contributor to the BAPN website.

Parenting tips | baby sleep advice | potty training

As a child sleep consultant, Fi has written three child sleep books. Her No.1 bestselling book ‘The Wide Awake Baby Club’ has been helping parents to give their little ones the gift of happy sleep worldwide, and her new book ‘The Wide Awake Kids club – Simple Solutions for Knackered Parents’ has been highly praised by parents of children ages 4 – teen! In total Fi has had four top 10 bestselling books over the past 5 years.

During the global Covid19 pandemic – Fi wrote and published a Thinky Thoughts’ journal for children to write down their fears and thoughts. The Journal sold out in the first two weeks of sale and hit the number 6 spot in the Amazon charts! Throughout the pandemic and lockdown, Fi offered FREE parenting workshops online and gifted journals to the children of keyworkers. She appeared weekly on the BBC offering her tips and reassurance to parents globally on coping with homeschooling and parenting through a stressful time.

Parenting tips | baby sleep advice | potty training

As a parent herself, Fi knows that YOU as a parent knows what is best for your child. From sleep, to toilet training – Fi helps parents to trust their instincts and parent the way they want to parent. Her valuable tips and techniques have been used all around the world including high profile families and celebrities.

The tips, techniques and advice on these pages are developed from over 27 years of experience, education and research. Please feel free to share them – but please don’t pass them off as your own. Fi gives her time and support freely – so please do share the love and respectfully credit where it is due.

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