Episode 5: Jameliah Young

Jameliah Young | Death of the Angry Black Woman |

In this episode of The Regular Parent Podcast, I chat with bestselling Author, Pastor, and mother, Jameliah Young. We talk Marvel, weather, the global pandemic, Universal Studios and discuss her latest book ‘Death of The Angry Black Woman’ which many are calling ‘life changing.’

Jameliah was pure joy to chat to. I took so much from our conversation – Jameliah’s passion for life and helping others, shone through the video screen. Her attitude to life is contagious. I came away from our video-call feeling enlightened and full of positivity – I can see why I many listen to her speak, watch her Facebook videos and love her book.

‘The Death of the Angry Black Woman’ – Jameliah Young

Charlotte, NC, June 16, 2020 – Everybody is angry. Whether black, white, or brown, woman or man, everybody is angry right now. And we have a lot to be angry about: George Floyd. Lives lost. Joblessness. Global pandemic. Rioting and looting. But just because we are angry that does not give us the right to retaliate in an unhealthy, violent, or dangerous manner. So how do we deal with anger? 

Jameliah Young (formerly Young-Mitchell) has a solution to help individuals dig deep to confront and release their anger – for good. This popular, vivacious pastor and social media celebrity (with nearly 500,000 Facebook followers and counting), tackles anger, abuse, and so much more in her book, The Death of the Angry Black Woman (Warren Publishing). This best-selling book was rated #1 New Release on Amazon.com in the category of Anger Management. 

Acknowledging the stereotypes women in the black community face, Jameliah knows first-hand that what begins as anger or name-calling can quickly escalate, causing scars that last a lifetime. Her book reflects her passion to help women toss anger to the curb and chuck false labels. Because while we can’t change history, we can determine our futures. 

The Death of the Angry Black Woman is available at  warrenpublishing.netAmazon.com for $15.00

Episode 5 Jameliah Young

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