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New baby tips for coping in the early days.

Your baby’s first weeks are about adapting to your new role as a parent and just getting through and enjoying that whole new baby bubble as you adapt to the the new life you are starting.

Those days hit you in a way you can’t really prepare for so please just go with the flow and forget about routine.’

– Fi Star Stone

Five ‘I’ve just had a baby’ life hacks

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Those glorious first days with your newborn should be a time for enjoying every precious minute with your new bundle of joy, but often those days go by in a whirlwind of feeding, nappy changing and visits from family.

To help you manage those first precious weeks, here are my top five ‘I’ve just had a baby’ life hacks to survive those early days! You can lots more tips like these in my Wide Awake Baby club book.

1. Food frenzy!

  • BEFORE little one arrives – stock up the freezer with easy meals to heat up or cake loaves for visitors! (The cake one: We all know cake is good for the soul right? It also makes you look pretty awesome – visitors won’t know they’ve been made weeks before!) Ideally this is great if you’re reading this while awaiting baby’s arrival, but if not – when you do next cook a meal – bulk up and freeze the leftovers. You’ll be thankful of those freezer meals when times get tough or you’re feeling really knackered. Take-aways are great in moderation, but they’re expensive and not ideal daily.

2. Buy in bulk!

  • Stock up on baby essentials like the apocalypse (or pandemic) is about to happen. Seriously – make sure you have enough nappies, wipes and baby bits and bobs before baby arrives. The last thing you’ll feel like doing after just having a baby is nipping to the shops for nappy cream! If you’ve not done this and little one is already here – sort yourself a regular online delivery slot or amazon grocery slot to make sure you’ll not run out of those essentials. If due to finances, your shopping is more of a weekly thing – look out online for deals. Supermarkets often have baby events where you bulk buy nappies or wipes or cotton pads and save a small fortune.

3. Prepare your replies!

  • Keeping in touch is awesome – but when you’ve just ad a baby it can be exhausting keeping up with well-wishers! so, prepare a text reply on your smart phone for those lovely well wishers that keep calling because they can’t wait to see the new baby! Something like ‘Thanks so much for calling – busy with our new little one at the moment but will call you back as soon as hands are free!’ Most smartphones have an option to create a text reply to save when people call.

4. Buy twenty-million Burp cloths!

  • You can honestly never have too many burp cloths/muslins! They are great for mopping up spills, protecting your clothes while feeding, protecting your favourite rug from baby sick (placed underneath baby) used as a cover while breastfeeding in public if you’re prefer to cover-up, used for peekaboo games, for collecting baby toys up and wrapping into a sack. They can even be used in an emergency ‘what do you mean we’ve run out of nappies’ drama!

5. Set up a changing box downstairs.

  • That gorgeous nursery you spent hours making beautiful and instagram-likes worthy? The changing station all decorated and organised beautifully? It’ll likely only get used mornings and at bedtime if you live in a house rather than a flat or bungalow. So – invest in a little basket of changing goodies for downstairs. It makes life easier. It’ll save your legs when you are shattered (or sore,) stairs are hard work with a baby when you’re feeling shattered. It’s also fab if someone offers to change a nappy – they won’t see the explosion of messy ‘I’ve just had a baby’ chaos upstairs! It keeps the visitors where you want them! Clever hey?

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There are lots more tips for those early days in my No.1 bestselling baby sleep book and on my social media pages I share tips and ideas in my daily posts and stories! Pop me a follow using the buttons below.

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