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Fi star-Stone has written four top 10 bestselling parenting books over the past 5 years. Her No.1 bestselling baby sleep book ‘The Wide Awake Baby Club’ has been helping parents to give their little ones the gift of happy sleep worldwide, and her new book ‘The Wide Awake Kids club – Simple Solutions for Knackered Parents’ has been highly praised by parents of children ages 4 – teen!

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All four of Fi’s parenting books, have received five star reviews and positive feedback!

The Wide Awake Baby Club – Simple Solutions for Knackered Parents

This popular baby sleep book offers Fi’s ‘no tears at bedtime’ techniques and solutions for helping exhausted parents cope with zombie days.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This lady is amazing! Her advice has helped us so much. We are a family with 6 children, 4 having additional needs. We now have some form of routine and we actually get a more structured sleep. Definitely recommend!

– Vix mum of 6

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Fi Star-Stone’s advice is always spot on and written in an understanding and condescending way. She knows her stuff and gets it across is such a reassuring way. Her other books are an absolute must read for any parent, grandparent or carer too!

– F.A.B

The Wide Awake Baby Club

 Fi’s first book (The Baby Bedtime Book – Say Goodnight to sleepless nights) is available here. However, the updated methods, research and tips are only available in the Wide Awake Baby club version.

The Wide Awake Kids Club – Simple Solutions for Knackered Parents

The Wide Awake Kids club – Simple Solutions for Knackered Parents is available here in print or kindle below. It has been helping children age 3 – teen to have happier bedtimes and better days. The cover was lovingly created by Fi’s daughter Betsy who was 9 at the time.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This book is full of fantastic ideas to help you get through any sleep issues you may have with your child . I really like the headings for each chapter! The book is well written with a relaxed and friendly approach to what can be a stressful and tiring subject.

– A.C

Rating: 5 out of 5.

As always an extremely informative helpful book, written in such a way that it makes sense to your normal every day parent unlike a lot of these kind of books.

Brilliant sensible advice and ideas for exhausted parents everywhere a MUST read!


The Wide Awake Kids Club

My Thinky Thoughts Journal

Fi’s third book – written and self-published during a global pandemic – reached No.6 in the charts and helped hundreds of children all around the world write down their ‘think-thoughts’ and feelings during a tricky time. It is still available and undated – so can be started at anytime and makes a memory keepsake of this tricky time.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

My 8 year old daughter received hers today. As soon as I showed it to her she started writing in it and colouring in the cover to make it hers! She was also really happy to show me what she had done, so it gives me a really great way to see what she is thinking during this time! I was worried it might not be suitable for my 6 year old with too much writing, but after seeing it I think I will get getting one for him too!

– Samantha

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Lovely little journal for children to write about their days, thoughts and colour/doodle. Great way of helping them make sense of very different times in lock down and generates conversations around how they are really feeling.

– M.A

The Thinky Thoughts Journal is an interactive, self-care lockdown journal for children aged 5 plus to write, doodle, craft and colour their way through the Covid19 Pandemic lockdown. It can also be purchased as lockdown eases – to note down feelings or memories of a tricky time.

More books coming soon!

Fi’s is forever typing away! Her next parenting books are; ‘My Summer Thinky Thoughts’ (out end of June 2020) Following on from this will be ‘The Wide Awake Toddler (summer 2020) and ‘Mad world Parenting’ (winter 2020) which covers everything unexpected that may happen during your parenting journey.

Follow Fi's Author page here for updates of when each book is released.