Episode Thirteen: Laura-Rose Thorogood

Co-founder of The LGBT Mummies Tribe, Laura-Rose Thorogood and her wife, always knew they wanted children, but there were so many questions! ‘What are our options? Do we want to carry a child? Who carries? How? How much does it cost? Where can we do it? How do we choose a donor?’ Finding the answers to their endless questions wasn’t straight forward as they thought…

In this episode of The Regular Parent Podcast, I chat with Laura-Rose about her journey to Motherhood and her amazing support platform The LGBT Mummies Tribe which she set up with her wife, to support others wanting answers to the questions they had when wanting to start a family.

The platform started off as a small Instagram page and has now flourished into a full blown business that provides ‘meet’ events, support groups and information for LGBT parents, with members reaching out all over the world!

Laura-Rose and I chat about her everyday family life as an incredibly busy mum, together with all the amazing work she and her wife do for the LGBT community including; speaking with important bodies such as NHS Improvement England & Health Education England, The Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists, Royal College of Midwives, APPG, and Miscarriage Association & Fertility Network UK, regarding areas of policy change, education and training and offering answers, support and so much more.

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Laura-Rose Thorogood

10 minute tips: Fussy Eating

While I dislike the term ‘fussy eater’ it’s a hugely common issue that takes up around 40% of the parenting emails sent to me each week. Having worked with children and families for over 27 years, I have come to realise that fussy eating is something that many, if not all children, go through during childhood.

When it comes to the fussy eater, I find parents deal with it in one of two ways:

  1. The ‘Eat this or eat nothing’ approach: Demand they eat all on their plate or get nothing else until the next meal.
  2. The ‘give up and give in’ technique: Try to coax their child into eating something new – then give up and give their child their favourite food or treat.
How do I cope with a picky eater?

In this episode I talk all things fussy eating. I also talk about food anxieties together with my tips for coping and keeping your cool! I share of honest tips and techniques that actually work to create much more relaxed, fun and stress-free mealtimes. 

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10 minute Tips: fussy Eating

Episode Twelve: Sarah Hayward

Whatever the reasonings for being a single parent, it can be quite overwhelming at times. Raising a family as a solo parent is an incredibly rewarding job – but one that’s often challenging and emotionally draining too.

In this Episode I chat with Sarah, a single parent to her little girl who shares with us a very personal journey on how she manages to parent with often debilitating health conditions.

We chat all things blogging (Sarah is one of the original ‘old school’ bloggers from back when blogging was a completely different thing to what it is today) and how she’s found a new love – ART! Which she’s pretty damn good at! We also chat about how important it is to find your ‘tribe’ as a parent as these are the people who ‘get you’ and will lift and support you when you needed it most.

As a qualified parenting professional Sarah shares her invaluable parenting advice that is so worth listening to – she has such a reassuring tone and wants parents to enjoy these years rather than worrying and wasting time comparing themselves to others. Sarah was a delight to chat to, and know you’ll just love listening to this episode!

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Episode Twelve – sarah Hayward

Episode 11: Mark from ‘Now That’s Just Gay!’

If you want to know all about surrogacy – this episode is a must listen. Mark is incredibly open, honest and offers a true insight into all the decision making and planning that goes into choosing a surrogate.

In this episode I chat to Mark who blogs and vlogs his adventures over at as a dad with his husband and their little girl over on ‘Now That’s Just Gay!’ We chat all things Disney, (Mark is a proper hardcore Disney fan!) We also talk parenting, equality, homophobia, and talking to kids about inclusivity.

Mark also shares very openly and honestly, how he became a father for the first time using surrogacy and a wonderful, supportive surrogate and how he now spends his days as a stay-at-home dad to his little girl who is almost 2.

This was recorded at the start of lockdown when my internet failed and I had to ‘hotspot’ from my phone, so please do forgive the sound quality!

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10 minute tips: Back To School Preparation and Thoughts

For many kids – it’ll be SIX MONTHS since they last stepped inside school, so it’s going to be a little strange and worrying for many. In this episode of The Regular Parent, I share my back to school tips for parents, along with the thoughts and feelings of other parents on returning to school after lockdown.

This usual Wednesday 10 minute tips episode is a little longer than the usual ten minutes as there was so much to say and share! Huge thanks to Michael and Charlie In Australia (who are currently back in lockdown) and Emma, Jane, Jen, Richard, John, Betsy and Oscar in the UK, for sharing their thoughts and feelings in this episode.

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Back to School Preparation and Thoughts