10 minute tips: Getting Kids to Help With Chores

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Hello lovely faces! These brand new 10 minute tips episodes, will be out every Wednesday, alongside the lovely family chat episodes every Friday!

In this ‘10 minute tips’ episode of The Regular Parent podcast, I’m sharing simple solutions for getting kids to help with the everyday chores around the house and garden!

Sometimes people comment that my kitchen is always so tidy even though I have kids! Shall I tell you a little secret? THEY help me keep it tidy! Yup. True story!

Today my little boy (9) came into the kitchen and dried up the dishes on the side and put them away with no words from me.

Yesterday my daughter (10) helped me hang the washing. Not for reward or gain but because I’ve taught them from a really young age, that the housework is everyone’s job. 

We all live here so we all look after our home. And yes – sometimes upstairs is a total sh** tip (I’m human after all) and there are laundry baskets with clothes to put away – it’s not immaculate everywhere all the time, it’s a lived-in house, but downstairs is always pretty sorted and the house is pretty straight most of the time. 

Honestly – by including children in chores from a young age you’re not just lightening the load for yourself – you’re really helping them! Kids who do chores learn responsibility and gain important life skills that will serve them well throughout their lives.

Want to know how to achieve this without moans or groans or stress? Listen to this ‘10 minute tips’ episode for my super simple tips to make life a little easier. 

10 minute tips: Getting Children to Help With Chores

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