Episode 10: Sean Dawson

Lockdown has left most of us all feeling a little sluggish and a little fragile mentally. PT and fitness professional, Sean Dawson joins, me for a chat on all things fitness and exercise and how it can make us feel brilliant not just physically – but mentally too. We chat exercise during pregnancy, post natal exercise (Sean has specific training and qualifications in this area) and he shares his thoughts on how busy mums and dads can fit exercise around their daily lives.

This is certainly not a ‘bikini body’ or ‘snap back into your pre-birth body’ style podcast. There’s no quick fix tips – but instead, lots of sound, sensible and easy-to-follow advice, on how you can enjoy moving more as a family. From daily walks to fun games to get the kids moving more and sleeping better. Sean shares his qualified advice for those wanting to know more about sensible solutions to improving physical and mental health.

Sean has a wealth of experience and qualifications including:

    •    Bachelor of Science in Sport (Health & Fitness) with Honours from University of Bath
    •    BTEC National Diploma in Sports & Exercise Science
    •    YMCA Level 3 Award in Adapting Exercise for Ante Natal and Post Natal Clients
    •    CYQ Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training
    •    CYQ Level 3 Certificate in Nutrition & Weight Management
    •    CYQ Level 3 Certificate in Client Lifestyle and Fitness Assessment
    •    Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing
    •    Level 2 Certificate in Exercise & Fitness Knowledge
    •    Level 2 Award in Instructing Kettlebells
    •    Qualified Keiser M3 Indoor Cycling Instructor

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Episode 10: sean Dawson

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10 minute tips: Sleep Tips for School

Argh – I’m sorry, I didn’t want to talk about going back to school just yet, but I know many will be starting back soon and wanted to share my ‘back-to-school sleep tips’ with you before the week before starting school was upon us so you can prepare! 

The holidays, and before that – LOCKDOWN totally changed the routine and like so many other parents – I’m right there now, everything out of wack and am conscious we need get back to normality. 

It’s been easy to forget the routine since March, but did you know it really is the magic key to a good night’s sleep?

With the school days approaching, it’s a good idea at least one week before, to get your little loves back into better bedtime hours, so they are refreshed and ready for the early starts that school brings.

My super easy tips are available to listen to online below or on iTunes. No waffling on, no ridiculous ideas or stressful suggestions… Just simple solutions for super sleep for school!

10 minute tips: Back to School sleep

Episode 9: Michael Ray

In this episode I chat with solo dad Michael Ray, who shares a glimpse into his life as a single dad with his little girl. Michael took the time to chat to me all the way over in Melbourne Australia!

At 51, Michael Ray was thrust into life as a solo parent. He regularly campaigns for equality and change after an incident (which created quite the media frenzy,) left his daughter and him really upset. The experience opened his eyes to outdated gender expectations and led him to become a vocal advocate for equality and change.  

Michael’s passion to parenting and advice to dads is incredibly inspiring and made me really think about how although we have come such a long way when it comes to equality, we still have so far to go.

Episode 8: Emma Shilton

Hello lovely faces! Welcome back another episode of The Regular Parent Podcast!

In this episode I chat with the lovely Emma Shilton from the blog Mrs Shilts who opens up about her struggle with infertility, offers hope to others going through the same journey and shares her thoughts on parenting two young boys with her husband Greg.

Emma’s brilliant blog and platforms are hugely popular, with over 27k combined followers on social media! She shares her experiences of weight loss, infertility and parenthood with her followers and in this episode of The Regular Parent, offers an insight to how she started her blog and now she manages to now have her hobby as her full time job!

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Episode 8: Emma Shilton

10 minute tips: Tantrums (How to Cope and Keep your cool!)

Hello lovely faces! Welcome back to The Regular Parent Podcast!

In this 10 minute tips episode I’m talking all things tantrums! I share an insight into why they happen, how to avoid them and when they do happen (which they inevitably will at some point,) how to cope and keep your cool!

You can listen here or on itunes!

10 minute tips: Tantrums (How to Cope and Keep your cool!)

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