Episode Twelve: Sarah Hayward

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Whatever the reasonings for being a single parent, it can be quite overwhelming at times. Raising a family as a solo parent is an incredibly rewarding job – but one that’s often challenging and emotionally draining too.

In this Episode I chat with Sarah, a single parent to her little girl who shares with us a very personal journey on how she manages to parent with often debilitating health conditions.

We chat all things blogging (Sarah is one of the original ‘old school’ bloggers from back when blogging was a completely different thing to what it is today) and how she’s found a new love – ART! Which she’s pretty damn good at! We also chat about how important it is to find your ‘tribe’ as a parent as these are the people who ‘get you’ and will lift and support you when you needed it most.

As a qualified parenting professional Sarah shares her invaluable parenting advice that is so worth listening to – she has such a reassuring tone and wants parents to enjoy these years rather than worrying and wasting time comparing themselves to others. Sarah was a delight to chat to, and know you’ll just love listening to this episode!

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Episode Twelve – sarah Hayward

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