10 minute tips: Fussy Eating

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While I dislike the term ‘fussy eater’ it’s a hugely common issue that takes up around 40% of the parenting emails sent to me each week. Having worked with children and families for over 27 years, I have come to realise that fussy eating is something that many, if not all children, go through during childhood.

When it comes to the fussy eater, I find parents deal with it in one of two ways:

  1. The ‘Eat this or eat nothing’ approach: Demand they eat all on their plate or get nothing else until the next meal.
  2. The ‘give up and give in’ technique: Try to coax their child into eating something new – then give up and give their child their favourite food or treat.
How do I cope with a picky eater?

In this episode I talk all things fussy eating. I also talk about food anxieties together with my tips for coping and keeping your cool! I share of honest tips and techniques that actually work to create much more relaxed, fun and stress-free mealtimes. 

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10 minute Tips: fussy Eating

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