Episode Thirteen: Laura-Rose Thorogood

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Co-founder of The LGBT Mummies Tribe, Laura-Rose Thorogood and her wife, always knew they wanted children, but there were so many questions! ‘What are our options? Do we want to carry a child? Who carries? How? How much does it cost? Where can we do it? How do we choose a donor?’ Finding the answers to their endless questions wasn’t straight forward as they thought…

In this episode of The Regular Parent Podcast, I chat with Laura-Rose about her journey to Motherhood and her amazing support platform The LGBT Mummies Tribe which she set up with her wife, to support others wanting answers to the questions they had when wanting to start a family.

The platform started off as a small Instagram page and has now flourished into a full blown business that provides ‘meet’ events, support groups and information for LGBT parents, with members reaching out all over the world!

Laura-Rose and I chat about her everyday family life as an incredibly busy mum, together with all the amazing work she and her wife do for the LGBT community including; speaking with important bodies such as NHS Improvement England & Health Education England, The Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists, Royal College of Midwives, APPG, and Miscarriage Association & Fertility Network UK, regarding areas of policy change, education and training and offering answers, support and so much more.

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Laura-Rose Thorogood

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