10 minute tips: Sleep Tips for School

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Argh – I’m sorry, I didn’t want to talk about going back to school just yet, but I know many will be starting back soon and wanted to share my ‘back-to-school sleep tips’ with you before the week before starting school was upon us so you can prepare! 

The holidays, and before that – LOCKDOWN totally changed the routine and like so many other parents – I’m right there now, everything out of wack and am conscious we need get back to normality. 

It’s been easy to forget the routine since March, but did you know it really is the magic key to a good night’s sleep?

With the school days approaching, it’s a good idea at least one week before, to get your little loves back into better bedtime hours, so they are refreshed and ready for the early starts that school brings.

My super easy tips are available to listen to online below or on iTunes. No waffling on, no ridiculous ideas or stressful suggestions… Just simple solutions for super sleep for school!

10 minute tips: Back to School sleep

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