The Regular Parent Episode 3: Helen Wills

Hello lovely faces!

Welcome back to the Regular Parent Podcast!

Episode three is a rather lovely (and rather informative chat) with lifestyle blogger and mum of two, Helen Wills.

In this episode we chat all things blogging (Helen is one of the original ‘Mummy Blogger’s from the early days) and we also talk about parenting a child with Type 1 diabetes.

There are so many misconceptions around diabetes, and Helen shares her thoughts on why jokes about the condition – just aren’t funny and shares an honest insight to life with Diabetes.

We talk all things parenting too – Helen gives her (pretty brilliant) advice to new parents, and those about to face the teenage years. There’s also a guest appearance from our dogs, who were mainly quiet throughout the recording – but obviously wanted to make themselves known at least once during the episode!

Thanks Helen for taking the time to chat so honestly and for sharing a glimpse into your everyday family life.

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