The Regular Parent Podcast Episode 2: Mum of FIVE – Kelly Shrehorn

Hello lovely faces!

This months podcast is a chat with delightful and inspiring mum of FIVE, Kelly Shrehorn.

Kelly juggles raising five children together with running her cake and jewellery business all while looking rather gorgeous in her vintage frocks and accessories! (Seriously, go check her IG account out here to see what I mean by gorgeous frocks!)

In this podcast we talk about Kelly’s journey as a single mum to five amazing kids, two of which have extra needs. Her eldest son has cerebral palsy and her youngest son is deaf. Kelly shares he thoughts on how at only 19, she loved being a ‘young mum’ even though at times it was hard work over the years. We chat cakes, relationships, hysterectomies, funky jewellery making, veganism and Kelly’s love of all things vintage and quirky.

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