The Regular Parent book series

Hello lovely faces!

After lots of messages and emails asking when the next book is coming – I decided to write not just one, but a series of mini guides to make parenting less stressy (and messy) and more fun!

My first book is available here in case you don’t have a copy – (nudge wink!)

The feedback from my first book was that you loved the writing style. ‘Not your usual parenting expert’ and the ‘friendly vibe’ it gave off.

This next series of books covers everything parenting! From surviving those first few weeks as a parent to potty training your toddler, coping with little sleep, surviving the school run, all in lots of handy little books that are small enough to fit in your bag and not take up too much of that precious free time when reading them!

I’ll pop a shout-out on my social media when they’re ready!

Fi xx